A baby Raccoon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Franklin Lakes

Helping Injured Animals Heal

Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes is committed to providing care, comfort, and compassion to injured and orphaned wildlife, and to finding forever homes for stray and abandoned domestic animals. All funds raised help us to provide care and to offset medical, shelter, and transportation costs.

Have You Found Injured Wildlife?

If you have found an injured or orphaned wild animal, please call the animal hospital at (201) 817-5564 and speak to one of the wildlife team members. We will advise you on your next step in helping this injured or orphaned animal.

A group of baby squirrelsIf the animal is NOT injured, then we strongly recommend taking the animal to one of the wildlife rehabilitators listed on this NJ Wildlife Rehabilitators list.

Other Ways to Help

Are you wondering how you can do your part to protect wildlife and help injured animals heal?

We recommend that you:

  • Volunteer. All these organizations rely on volunteers to transport and help care for all kinds of wild animals and all help is greatly appreciated!
  • Donate. Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes – ALL funds are solely put towards the care of injured and orphaned wild and domestic animals. As a non-profit, we rely on your support to continue caring for these injured animals. We are so appreciative. THANK YOU!

To learn more, contact us at (201) 817-5564.

Real Stories from Real Owners

  • Offering House Calls

    We understand that sometimes a trip to the vet puts stress on your pet, that's why we offer house calls for those special circumstances.

  • Experience When It Counts

    For more than two decades Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital has been proud to serve our communities animals' needs.

  • Specializing in All Types Animals

    Here at Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer care to many different types of animals, even your beloved exotic pets.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Beloved Pets.

Real Stories, from Real Owners

  • “The vets and the staff are really great and very caring.”

    - Nadia
  • “Have been using their services for over 16 years.”

    - William H.
  • “You are a kind, caring, PATIENT, group of animal loving people!”

    - Linda S.