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Preventative Pet Care in Franklin Lakes

Protect Your Pet & Ensure Great Health

Vet with a catThere are many things you can do for your pet’s preventative care – and every action you take to protect your pet from future illness will have an impact on their overall health. Maintaining your pet’s health will greatly increase the length of their life, catch diseases early enough to treat them and, prevent future illnesses or decrease the severity of them.

Preventative care can also save you money in the long run. Veterinary bills can be expensive. Maintaining proper care of your pet and bringing them in for the recommended visits will mean lower vet costs in general because we can detect and treat many diseases and illnesses before drastic measures must be taken.

You can help prevent unnecessary veterinary visits in the future by:

  • Enrolling in our Wellness Program and scheduling the recommended visits
  • Keeping up-to-date with immunizations
  • Administering the suggested (and prescribed) medications
  • Administering flea and tick preventative product monthly from March to December
  • Feeding your pet a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth and fur daily
  • Taking your pet on walks and giving them enough exercise
  • Regularly getting your pet groomed (how often depends on the individual animal)

These are just some of the many important steps you can take to ensure your pet enjoys a long, healthy, and happy life. Our preventative pet care team in Franklin Lakes would be happy to provide further information and personalized recommendations to help you care for your furry friend. Discuss your pet’s health needs with us today by scheduling an appointment for a wellness exam.

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  • Offering House Calls

    We understand that sometimes a trip to the vet puts stress on your pet, that's why we offer house calls for those special circumstances.

  • Experience When It Counts

    For more than two decades Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital has been proud to serve our communities animals' needs.

  • Specializing in All Types Animals

    Here at Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer care to many different types of animals, even your beloved exotic pets.

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