Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital has a state-of-the-art surgical suite. Your pet’s surgery,whether elective, emergency, or to diagnose or cure a disease, will be skillfully performed.

Our surgical technicians are trained in anesthetic monitoring with equipment available to monitor blood pressure, ECG,heart rate, respiratory rate, CO2 content and, body temperature, ensuring your pet has a smooth anesthetic experience and recovery.

We also have a board certified surgeon who handles our orthopedics procedures and more invasive surgeries such as ear canal ablations, and liver or kidney procedures. At Franklin Lakes we operate on animals from canaries to Great Danes.

Some of the surgeries performed daily are:

    • Spays and neuters

    • Declaws

    • Tumor removals and biopsies

    • Abdominal surgery

    • Bladder surgery

    • Eye and eyelid surgery

    • Oral surgery

veterinary surgery in Franklin Lakes New Jersey