House Calls

We now offer house calls! There are many reasons why a pet owner might hesitate or procrastinate when bringing their furry loved ones in to the vet. Your usually mild-mannered cat turns into a wild tiger when she has even an inkling that she’s going to the vet. You know it’s time to lay your best furry friend of many years to rest but taking him out of his home and his comfy bed is too much to bear.  Or maybe you know that leaving the house is just too stressful because of work, kids, and whatever else. We’re here for you and we want to continue to provide the best medical care we can, even when you can’t make it in to our office.

Please take a look at our House Call FAQs below and if you have any other questions, please give our office a call at 201-848-1991. One of our customer service representatives is happy to help you!

House calls for pets in Franklin Lakes New Jersey
House Calls FAQs:

What kind of house call visits do you do?

At this time we are only booking house calls for wellness visits and euthanasia. We try to be as accommodating as possible but unfortunately we are not able to see every case outside of the hospital. As always, a sick visit is best done in the hospital where we have the equipment and medicine to best care for your pet.

How and when can I schedule?

If you are interested in scheduling a house call with one of our doctors, please call and discuss the options with one of our customer service representatives. Please call at least a week in advance for well visits. We will try to accommodate euthanasia appointments in a timely manner. You must call our office at 201-848-1991 to schedule an appointment so we can coordinate the house visit with our doctors.

What happens if you get to my house and the pet needs to come in to the hospital?

This will be discussed with the client should the need arise. Depending on the comfort level of the pet, we will either transport the pet or recommend that the client bring him or her in for an office visit.

Does a house call cost extra and when do I pay for the services?

Yes there is an extra fee for house calls. We can take a credit card number ahead of time.

How far will you travel for a house call?

We would be happy to travel up to 12 miles.

Can I schedule a house call appointment for more than one pet?

There is no pet limit and don’t forget that there’s a 10% discount for two or more pets!