Every Pet Needs Wellness Detection Testing

The Pet Preventative Annual Wellness Screening (Pet-PAWS) is a new program being offered by our staff to better understand and monitor our pet population and your four-legged family members. Our fundamental goal is to keep our patients healthy by preventing diseases and making recommendations as body systems begin to falter, either due to age or disease processes. Make it part of your pet’s annual visit!

Annual wellness testing allows our doctors to identify conditions and diseases in your pet before signs may be evident. As no pet is the same, screening tests provide valuable information on what’s “normal” for your pet and allows your doctor to quickly evaluate changes in his or her biology.

What are we testing?

Organ Function: measures kidney and liver function, blood sugar, electrolytes, and blood proteins. We will also be looking at both red and white blood cell counts—indicators of infection and anemia. Urine: performed to screen for kidney health. Blood: for organ health, including liver and kidney function. Thyroid gland function: this organ can become diseased.

Our laboratory will also examine stool specimens for intestinal parasites and blood for heartworm disease, a mosquito borne heart infection, and three of the most common tick borne diseases in our area, including Lyme disease.

What are the costs?

Our Pet-PAWS bundles are extremely affordable! For 2018, we will be offering a 30% discount over our regular laboratory pricing for this program. In addition, if the PAWS screening suggests more tests need to be performed such as X-Rays, Ultrasound, or more specific blood screening, the 30% discount will still apply.

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Age Groups

Test Components

Young Adult Dogs 1-8 years

25-point Chemistry Panel with Complete Blood Count (CBC) + Stool Analysis for parasites + 4DX (tests for hartwom disease and 3 tick-borne diseases including Lyme.)

Middle Age/Senior Dogs 9-13+ years

27-point Chemistry with CBC and Basic Tyroid Monitoring + Urinalysis + Stool Analysis for parasites + 4DX (test for heartworm disease and 3 tick-borne dieseases including Lyme.)

Adult Cats 1-8 years

27-point Chemistry with CBC + Stool Analysis for parasites + Urinalysis

Senior Cats 9+ years

27-point Chemistry with CBC and Thyroid Monitoring + Urinalysis + Stool Analysis for parasites + Fructosamine (prolonged glucose)

Occasionally, the lifestyles and needs of some pets may result in addional screening tests in addition to those listed above.